In relationship
2 years
11 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating May 2014 April 2017 2 years 11 months
Real name
Aaron Charles Rodgers
Lisa Olivia Munn
Date of birth
December 2, 1983
July 3, 1980
37 years old
40 years old
American football quarterback
8 Girlfriends
8 Boyfriends

2014: the beginning of a relationship

A well-known football quarterback Aaron Rodgers and a movie star Olivia Munn began seeing each other in 2014. They were considered to be one of the most beautiful and powerful couples in Hollywood and their love story was followed by millions of fans across the globe.

Instant chemistry

When these two love birds met for the very first time, Olivia didn’t even know who Aaron was. That’s why when he said he played football professionally, it was quite a surprise for her. In an interview with US Today of 2015, the actress shared she immediately felt attraction and didn’t really care what Rodgers did for a living. She also added that she just felt comfortable with such a big man. The celebrities were really doing great, supporting and taking care of each other. For instance, Munn got interested in football and didn’t miss a game. Rodgers, in his turn, quickly learnt lots of things about the filmmaking industry as well as his girlfriend’s co-stars.

Family issues

Olivia was blamed for instigating a family feud between her soul mate and his family for several years. Yet, she stated that it had happened a long time before he even came into the picture. She told People magazine that it was always hard to keep a nice relationship with family members if their dreams were connected with your success. And that’s exactly what happened in the athlete’s family.

Split: fame is to blame

In 2017 the couple broke up and as many sources said- fame played its role. Both lovers claimed they knew their union was going to its logical end and moreover, they should have split even a few months earlier, no matter how hard it was.

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