years old
  • Who is Aaron Rodgers dating now? Shailene Woodley
  • What is Aaron Rodgers relationship status? Engaged
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Aaron Rodgers girlfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
8 Shailene Woodley Dating June 2020 - 11 months
7 Danica Patrick Ex January 2018 July 2020 2 years 6 months
6 Kelly Rohrbach Short affair 2017 2017 0 months
5 Olivia Munn Ex 2014 2017 3 years
4 Destiny Newton Ex February 2011 2013 1 year 11 months
3 Jessica Szohr Short affair 2011 2011 0 months
2 Hillary Scott Short affair 2010 2010 0 months
1 Julie Henderson Short affair 2009 2009 0 months


A famous football quarterback Aaron Rodgers was delivered in California and is one of three kids in a family. It would be interesting to know that his father Edward used to play American football but not professionally. And it was he, who inspired a future star to pursue a career in the sports industry.

At the age of just 2 Aaron could already sit silently and watch an entire NFL game. At 5 he could easily distinguish players and their positions.

While studying at school, he joined the football team and then got a scholarship with the University of California. There he played for Berkley as the starting quarterback and broke quite a few records. In 2005, Green Bay Packers selected Rodgers and he signed his first 7.7-million dollar contract. The sportsman has been playing for this team for many years and in 2018 prolonged the contract that was worth 134 million dollars.

Apart from sports, the athlete also deals with several charity organizations as well as fundraising events.

Are you eager to know more interesting details about the celebrity? Here you go:

  • Despite the fact that he was very skilled, nobody wanted to select him. That’s why he seriously considered quitting sports and opting for a lawyer profession.
  • Lots of people believe that sportsmen are not very intelligent people. Rodgers proved that this theory is wrong when he took part in a TV show Celebrity Jeopardy!
  • He tapes potato chips to the back of his heels.
  • He is thinking of building a career in the moviemaking world.
  • He can play the guitar and is a big music fan. He even has his own record label called Suspended Sunrise Recordings.

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