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  • Who is Anitta dating now? Murda Beatz
  • What is Anitta relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Anitta boyfriends list

age 26
age 28

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
16 Murda Beatz Dating June 2022 - 1 month
15 Gui Araújo Ex May 2020 June 2020 1 month
14 Gabriel David Ex February 2020 April 2020 2 months
13 Pedro Scooby Ex June 2019 August 2019 2 months
12 Thiago Magalhães Married November 2017 September 2018 10 months
Dating May 2017 November 2017 6 months
11 Pablo Morais Ex May 2016 July 2016 2 months
10 Maluma Ex February 2016 July 2016 5 months
9 Gabriel Medina Rumored January 2015 January 2015 0 months
8 Lucas Lucco Rumored 2015 2015 0 months
7 André Marques Rumored 2015 2015 0 months
6 Daniel Trovejani Ex October 2014 January 2015 3 months
5 Arthur De Carvalho Mattos Ex February 2014 April 2014 2 months
4 Eduardo Sterblitch Short affair August 2013 August 2013 0 months
3 Nilo Faria Rumored May 2013 June 2013 1 month
2 Neymar Short affair 2013 2013 0 months
1 Diego Raphael Villanueva Ex 2011 2012 1 year


A famous singer, songwriter, dancer and actress Anitta was born in Rio de Janeiro and is a younger child of Mauro and Miriam. The celebrity has a brother named Renan.

A future star’s path to prominence started when she turned 8. At that age she began singing in a choir and at 11 started learning English. A little bit later, she signed up with dance classes.

At 16 she finished technical school and decided to pursue an artistic career. In 2010 she posted a video on YouTube that caught the attention of an independent record company. Two years later she signed a contract with Warner Music Brazil.

However, the main breakthrough in her career happened in 2013 when she presented a song called Show das Poderosas. It has been viewed on YouTube over 130 million times and brought Anitta unbelievable fame and recognition. Such success helped her release a debut album that same year.

Today, she can boast of releasing 5 studio albums and is not going to stop anytime soon.

In addition to that, the celebrity also deals with acting and can be seen in such great projects, as for instance, Dança dos Famosos, TVZ, Música Boa Ao Vivo, La Voz… México, Ilhados com Beats and many others.

As of now, the star keeps developing her path in both music and entertainment industries.

If you are curious to find out more surprising details about Anitta’s life, then check these top 5 facts out:

  • She likes sleeping and eating more than anything else.
  • She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English.
  • She has been vegan since 2019.
  • It is no secret that she is bisexual and is a part of LGBTQ+ community.
  • If she wasn’t an artist, she would become a psychologist.

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