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  • Who is Avani Gregg dating now? Anthony Reeves
  • What is Avani Gregg relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Avani Gregg boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
2 Anthony Reeves Dating 2019 - 2 years 5 months
1 Nick Austin Rumored 0000 0000 0 months


A remarkable social media personality, dancer, model, influencer and make-up artist – yes, it is all about her multi-talented Avani Gregg.

She was delivered in Indiana to her parents Anisha and Lewis. Also, the celebrity has two siblings.

While growing up, a future star was passionate about gymnastics. However, she had to quit sports because of a serious injury in her back.

In summer of 2015 she created an account on YouTube, where she started posting videos about make-up as well as her regular life. In December 2019 she joined TikTok and went viral for the first time, having made a transformation to a Harley Quinn style. That same year she also became a part of The Hype House that is based in Los Angeles. There, she made friends with Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio and others. Today, her content is mainly focused on fashion, dance performances, beauty, etc.

In addition to all that, she appears in a web series called Chicken Girls. Also, in 2020 she began hosting a talk show Here For It, which is aimed to help fans who experience Gen-Z issues.

Nowadays, Avani keeps developing her career as a TikToker, getting more and more famous and recognized with each passing day.

Are you eager to find out more lesser-known information about the star’s life? Well, then have a look at these top 5 facts:

  • She is dreaming of becoming an actress.
  • Prior to making it big in social media, she used to work as a lifeguard.
  • From time to time she takes breaks from work for her mental health.
  • Her original nickname was a Clown Girl.
  • She published a memoir.

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