In relationship
7 years
9 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Married July 2000 October 2005 5 years 3 months
Dating 1998 July 2000 2 years 6 months
Real name
William Bradley Pitt
Jennifer Joanna Aniston
Date of birth
December 18, 1963
February 11, 1969
56 years old
51 years old
28 Girlfriends
14 Boyfriends

The first meeting

The moviemaking world is full of surprises! Who knows when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would meet if their agents were not friends. Their first meeting in 1994 changed the lives of both movie stars and even Hollywood.

Dating period

According to the Marie Claire magazine, even though they got to know one another in 1994, the real chemistry between them sparked only four years later. In 1998 their agents set up a date for them and that’s exactly how and when a worldwide known romance began. Both Jennifer and Brad did their best to keep their romantic feelings under the radar, yet it was simply impossible, as both of them were and are Hollywood stars followed by millions of people across the globe.

Proposal & wedding

In September 1999 the pair made their red carpet debut and in November of the same year, Pitt proposed to Aniston on a stage of a Sting concert! In July 2000 they had a beautiful wedding that was held in Malibu. It was attended by family and closest friends.

A strong union

The couple had been going strong for several years and the actress even started talking about slowing down her career in order to finally start a family and have a baby. However, these dreams were not meant to come true.


In May 2004 the actor met Angelina Jolie, who was his co-star on a set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The sparks exploded between them and they fell in love immediately. This is the main reason why Brad and Jennifer’s marriage broke up. They got officially divorced in October 2005.

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