In relationship
3 years
7 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating October 2017 - 3 years 7 months
Real name
Christopher Anthony John Martin
Dakota Mayi Johnson
Date of birth
March 2, 1977
October 4, 1989
43 years old
30 years old
8 Girlfriends
4 Boyfriends

A low key romance

As the People magazine reported, a worldwide known singer-songwriter Chris Martin and a beautiful movie star Dakota Johnson got romantically involved in October 2017. They were seen together at a restaurant in LA, looking cozy and definitely enjoying the time.

Public events

The next month the actress was spotted at her boyfriend’s concert in Argentina. Just a month after that the two lovebirds went to Israel, where they visited Nick Cave’s concert. According to the Us Weekly, they became a real deal, as they were hugging and sharing kisses. In January 2018 the couple was noticed at LA’s Soho House in Malibu and then they arrived as a pair at a fashion show.

A baby is on the way?

The celebrities spent summer in each other’s company, enjoying the time at Martin’s home and not attending any high-profile events. In October 2018 insiders started talking about the film performer’s pregnancy, yet Johnson denied all these speculations and rumors.

Sudden split and quick reunion

In the beginning of summer 2019 the two called it quits which was a huge shock for literally everyone, including not only their closest people but also millions of fans. As some sources claimed, Martin made it clear that he wanted more kids but Dakota wasn’t ready for it as her career was booming.

In August 2019 the pair reconciled.

Where do they stand now?

Today, they keep going strong, traveling together with the singer’s children from previous marriage. In March 2020 they were all seen celebrating Martin’s 43rd birthday.

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