In relationship
10 years
5 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Married July 2009 October 2018 9 years 3 months
Engaged December 2008 July 2009 7 months
Dating May 2008 December 2008 7 months
Real name
Christopher Michael Pratt
Anna Kay Faris
Date of birth
June 21, 1979
November 29, 1976
41 years old
43 years old
3 Girlfriends
3 Boyfriends

A Hollywood love story

According to the Cosmopolitan, an internationally known movie star Chris Pratt and a gifted actress Anna Faris were raised in Washington state just 20 minutes away from one another, yet got acquainted only in 2007 on a set of a film Take Me Home Tonight.

Exciting dating period

In 2007 the actress left her spouse and got romantically involved with Chris. Their dating period was very intense. It turned out that they have many things and hobbies in common. For instance, they both love collecting dead bugs, they are both described as goofballs, etc.

Bali wedding

After one year of dating, the celebrities got engaged with Chris presenting Anna a beautiful ring. In fact, he liked the ring so much that he got one for himself as well. In 2009 they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Bali.

A common baby

In 2012 the film star gave birth to a son, who they named Jack. He was delivered nine weeks premature and that’s why had to spend a month in the NICU. In addition to that, he needed hernia and cosmetic eyes surgery. They were also told that Jack would most probably have some special needs, yet he is growing a healthy and happy kid.

Unexpected divorce

The two had been together for a decade before announcing their separation in 2017, which was a huge shock for their relatives as well as millions of fans. Neither of the parties or their representatives shared the reason for such a decision. And even though they are divorced now, they remain close friends and share a joint custody of their son.

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