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  • Who is Cooke Maroney dating now? Jennifer Lawrence
  • What is Cooke Maroney relationship status? Married
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Cooke Maroney girlfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Jennifer Lawrence Married October 2019 - 1 year 7 months
Dating 2018 October 2019 1 year 9 months


Perhaps, very few people would know who Cooke Maroney is if he wasn’t a husband of a remarkable Hollywood movie star Jennifer Lawrence. However, he reached unbelievable career heights in his professional industry and has many achievements to boast off. So, let’s have a closer look!

Maroney is a director of New York City’s Gladstone art gallery, who grew up with his younger sister Annabelle in Vermont. It would be interesting to know that his father James was an art dealer in Manhattan and served as the Head of American Paintings at Christie’s. However, it was quite tiresome and complicated to raise kids in the city and so, the family moved on a farm to have an easier and simpler way of life.

Having finished school, Cooke entered New York University, where he earned a degree in art history, as he wanted to build a career in that sphere. Today, he is a director of an art gallery that represents a number of renowned artists. He did really well for himself in the art world, dealing with high-profile clients from all across the globe.

However, this is not all we would like to share about Maroney. Here are top 5 lesser-known facts about his life, you will be surprised to know about:

  • He is not into social media at all. You won’t find him on Facebook or Twitter. The only app he uses is a private Instagram page.
  • He is a regular visitor of parties within the art world.
  • He does his best to keep his personal life private.
  • He met his wife through a mutual friend.
  • He used to work with painter Carroll Dunham.

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