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  • What is Cristin Milioti relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Cristin Milioti boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Jesse Hooker Ex 2008 2013 5 years


A talented film star Cristin Milioti drew her first breath in New Jersey. Very few people know but she got interested in acting only at the age of 17 when she saw a movie Kill Bill. The film inspired her to try her hand in acting and that’s why right after school, she started attending acting classes at the New York University. Nonetheless, she left after just one year in order to pursue a professional career as soon as possible.

Her path to prominence began from various TV commercials. After that she appeared in The Sopranos, Greeting from the Shore, That Face and other television projects. However, the main breakthrough happened when she got a role in a super-popular sitcom called How I Met Your Mother. She had been a part of that project since 2013 and up till its end in 2014. After it she became famous overnight and so, many directors started inviting her to their projects. In such a way, she can be seen in such successful works as for instance, The Wolf of Wall Street, Breakable You, No Activity, Made for Love, etc.

Nowadays, the celebrity is busy developing her career in the filmmaking business, even though she has already reached unbelievable career heights.

Yet, this is not all information we would like to share about Milioti’s life. Here are top 5 facts you definitely had no clue about:

  • She doesn’t like social media.
  • She can play the ukulele.
  • Her net worth is currently estimated at around 4 million dollars.
  • She is superstitious about acting and that’s why has her own way of getting into every character she has to play.
  • She never saw HIMYM before getting a role there.

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