In relationship
4 years
10 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating July 2016 - 4 years 10 months
Real name
Diane Kruger (née Heidkrüger)
Norman Mark Reedus
Date of birth
July 15, 1976
January 6, 1969
44 years old
51 years old
4 Boyfriends
7 Girlfriends

When did they start dating? 

When a stunning German-born film star Diane Kruger called it quits with Joshua Jackson for good in 2016, she got romantically involved with an actor Norman Reedus.

These two lovebirds got to know each other in 2015 while filming Sky, where they were co-stars and had quite a few very intimate scenes. In an interview to the People magazine, Diane stated that she didn’t know Norman before the film and she was really worried and nervous meeting him for the first time and playing intimate scenes with. However, it all went much better than she expected.

According to some sources, the chemistry between the two sparked right on the set of the project. Yet, they became an official couple only in 2017.

Keeping it under the radar

Reedus and Kruger is one of those celebrity unions that prefers to keep their romantic relationship away from the spotlight as much as they only can. That’s why they can be rarely seen at various red carpet events or Hollywood premiers.

A common baby

Despite the fact that the couple lives a low-key life, the main events of their lives are still available to the public. For instance, in November 2018 they welcomed their firstborn, a baby-girl, whose name is unfortunately, still remains unknown. The actor even posted a picture of a cute bundle of joy on social media, saying how much he loves Diane and how thankful he is to her for a baby.

Are they married?

Due to the fact that the pair keeps private things under the radar, it is not clear whether they have already tied the knot or not.

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