years old
  • Who is Emily VanCamp dating now? Josh Bowman
  • What is Emily VanCamp relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Emily VanCamp boyfriends list

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt
age 41

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
5 Josh Bowman Married December 2018 - 4 years 4 months
Dating October 2011 December 2018 7 years 2 months
4 Joseph Morgan Ex January 2010 October 2011 1 year 9 months
3 Dave Annable Ex January 2007 January 2008 1 year
2 Chris Pratt Ex December 2004 June 2006 1 year 6 months
1 Ben McKenzie Rumored 2004 2004 0 months


A beautiful and talented movie star Emily VanCamp saw the light in Canada and became one out of four kids in a family of a housewife and an animal nutritionist.

At a young age she got interested in dancing and at 11 persuade parents to sign her up with a summer training program in Montreal. A year later she was accepted to the École supérieure de ballet du Québec.

Despite the fact that Emily dreamt of becoming a professional dancer, she once tried her hand in acting and featured in several episodes of TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark? She liked being in front of the camera so much that made a decision to pursue acting.

For several years in a row she played only minor roles in such television projects as for instance, Radio Active, Lost and Delirious, All Souls, Dice, etc. She became more recognized when in 2002 she began starring in drama television series Everwood that had been lasting for four years. After that she could be seen in such successful works as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Brothers & Sisters, Revenge, The Resident, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and many others.

Nowadays, the celebrity keeps appearing in various projects, thus becoming more and more famous across the globe.

Nonetheless, this is not all information we would like to share about such a gifted person. Here are top 5 facts about her life to surprise you with:

  • She is fluent in French.
  • She is a zombie fanatic.
  • She enjoys fishing a lot.
  • She loves playing hockey and is a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens.
  • At times, she can be socially awkward.

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