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  • What is Emma D’Arcy relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight


A remarkable film performer Emma D’Arcy was welcomed in London to her parents Richard and Sally. Also, the celebrity has a younger sister.

The actress studied at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford and while there, debuted on a stage. She took part in a number of plays, the most well-known of which are Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible and many others. Then, in 2015 she appeared on a big screen in a short film called United Strong Alone. However, the main breakthrough in her career happened in 2020 when she got a role of Astrid in popular television series Truth Seekers. Emma’s other recognized TV projects include: Misbehavior, Mothering Sunday, House of the Dragon, etc.

Nowadays, the star keeps developing her path to stardom in the moviemaking business, participating in auditions and featuring in films, TV series and shows of various genres.

Yet, this is not all information we would like to share about such a talented person. Have a look at these top 5 facts about her life that will 100% surprise you:

  • Unlike many other celebrities, who share their life on social media, D’Arcy does her best to stay private and that’s why there are only few things known about her.
  • She doesn’t have any official social media accounts, except Twitter. Nonetheless, she doesn’t post anything there. Instead, she just retweets other people’s posts.
  • She is signed to a management company Roxanne Vaca.
  • She enjoys spending time outside. For instance, she loves being in nature alone.
  • She stated to be nonbinary, which means she doesn’t identify herself with either gender.

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