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  • Who is Emma Samms dating now? Simon McCoy
  • What is Emma Samms relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Emma Samms boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
13 Simon McCoy Dating 2019 - 4 years 3 months
12 John Holloway Married 1996 September 2003 7 years 8 months
Dating 1995 1996 1 year
11 Tim Dillon Married 1994 October 1995 1 year 9 months
Dating January 1993 1994 1 year
10 Bansi Nagji Married 1991 1992 1 year
Dating February 1990 1991 11 months
9 Jonathan Prince Ex 1987 1987 0 months
8 Marcus Allen Ex November 1986 1987 2 months
7 David Corwin Short affair 1986 1986 0 months
6 Tristan Rogers Ex 1984 1985 1 year
5 Jon-Erik Hexum Ex 1984 1984 0 months
4 John Stamos Ex March 1983 March 1984 1 year
3 Arsenio Hall Ex 1983 1984 1 year
2 Marvin Hamlisch Ex 1980 1981 1 year
1 Prince Short affair 0000 0000 0 months


A famous film star and TV host Emma Samms saw the light in London. Her mother used to work as a ballet dancer, while the father owned a film equipment rental company.

As a kid, she started training at the Royal Ballet School but at 15 got a serious hip injury and had no choice but to quit dancing.

Nonetheless, she didn’t give up and made a decision to try her hand in acting. She first appeared on a big screen in General Hospital, where she starred in 62 episodes. Then she left the series in order to be able to feature on ABC’s primetime soap opera called Dynasty. She had been a part of that particular project since 1985 and up till 1989. It made her not only worldwide recognized but also brought millions of fans from all across the globe.

The film performer’s other successful works include: The Colbys, Models Inc., Doctors, Vendetta and many others.

In 2014 she was a contestant at a popular show Tumble but unfortunately, was eliminated after the second episode. In 2018 she performed a song Rock With Rudolph along with 26 other celebrities.

Nowadays, Samms keeps making appearances on TV, remaining a highly-paid actress.

Are you curious to know more? Well, then check out these top 5 mind-blowing facts:

  • She refused to appear in Playboy twice.
  • Her main hobbies are traveling, reading, photography and learning something new.
  • She was raised in the Jewish religion.
  • Together with a cousin she co-founded an organization Children’s Foundation that helps ill kids and their families to cope with pain.
  • In 2018 she revealed having Bell’s Palsy.

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