years old
  • What is Emma Watson relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Emma Watson boyfriends list

Tom Felton
Tom Felton
age 32
Chord Overstreet
Chord Overstreet
age 31

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
17 Tom Felton Rumored August 2019 August 2019 0 months
16 Cole Cook Rumored May 2019 June 2019 1 month
15 Brendan Wallace Ex October 2018 May 2019 7 months
14 Chord Overstreet Ex March 2018 2019 10 months
13 William Ex October 2015 November 2017 2 years 1 month
12 Roberto Aguire Short affair June 2015 September 2015 3 months
11 Prince Harry Rumored February 2015 February 2015 0 months
10 Matthew Janney Ex January 2014 November 2014 10 months
9 Will Adamowicz Ex October 2011 August 2013 1 year 10 months
8 Johnny Simmons Ex June 2011 November 2011 5 months
7 George Craig Short affair June 2010 September 2010 3 months
6 Rafael Cebrián Ex July 2009 May 2010 10 months
5 Jay Barrymore Ex August 2008 March 2008 5 months
4 Roberto Agnillera Rumored July 2008 July 2008 0 months
3 Francis Boulle Short affair May 2008 September 2008 4 months
2 Angus Willoughby Ex 2007 2008 1 year
1 Tom Ducker Ex September 2006 October 2007 1 year 1 month


A beautiful and exceptionally talented movie star Emma Watson was welcomed in Paris. Her parents are lawyers, who divorced when a future star was 5. Sometime after it, she moved to Britain with her mother, went to school and got really passionate about acting. Her talent was so obvious that teachers at school convinced her to go on a casting of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 1999. She did it and that’s actually how and when she started rising to stardom.

The first part of the Harry Potter saga was shown in 2001, having made Watson an international star. The next 7 films only proved her acting skills.

Apart from that project, Emma starred in dozens of other successful movies, including Ballet Shoes, Colonia, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

The film performer can also boast of a great career in modeling business. In 2005 she first appeared in Teen Vogue and then signed a contract with Burberry. In addition she collaborates with the People Tree brand and is an ambassador of a French company Lancome.

Are you curious to know more mind-blowing facts about the celebrity? Well, then check these top 5 little-known details about the star’s life:

  • She is a certified yoga and meditation instructor.
  • She is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, who deals with a program called HeForShe that is aimed at women’s education in Africa.
  • Her favorite drink is gin and tonic.
  • She loves to journal things. For instance, some of her diaries are on people she met, dreams, advice, etc.
  • She is a big fan of the TV series Friends and a movie Notting Hill.

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