years old
  • Who is Gavin Rossdale dating now? Natalie Golba
  • What is Gavin Rossdale relationship status? Dating
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Gavin Rossdale girlfriends list

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani
age 51

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
9 Natalie Golba Dating May 2019 - 2 years
8 Sophia Thomalla Ex March 2017 December 2018 1 year 9 months
7 Mindy Mann Ex 2013 2015 2 years
6 Courtney Love Rumored 1996 1996 0 months
5 Gwen Stefani Married September 2002 April 2016 13 years 7 months
Dating December 1995 September 2002 6 years 9 months
4 Emily Lloyd Short affair 1990 1990 0 months
3 Amy Fleetwood Short affair 1990 1990 0 months
2 Pearl Lowe Short affair January 1988 June 1988 5 months
1 Marilyn Ex 1982 1987 5 years


An English-born singer-songwriter, film star, musician and guitarist- yes, it’s all about him, super-popular and widely-recognized Gavin Rossdale.

He was delivered in London to his mother, who was a housewife and father, who used to work as a doctor.

Having finished high school, a young starlet created a pop group called Midnight. The band toured around the UK but didn’t manage to become successful. After that Gavin became a part of another band titled the Little Dukes. However, he left it within a short period of time and moved to America. There he traveled to LA and New York in a hope to sign a contract with a record label.

In 1992 he established a grunge band Bush and in two years they released a debut album Sixteen Stone that was a huge commercial success. Throughout many years in the music industry, the group presented 8 super successful studio albums, which made them one of the best-selling rock groups that came out in the 1990s. It would be also interesting to know that the band managed to reach superstar status in the US but failed to do so in the UK.

The band keeps performing till present days, touring around the globe and introducing new singles and albums.

Are you curious to know more fascinating information about the celebrity’s life? Well, then check these top 5 facts:

  • He was unable to speak until the age of 4.
  • He tried his hand in acting and can be seen in Zoolander, Little Black Book, How to Rob a Bank, etc.
  • His current net worth is around 45 million dollars.
  • He had same-sex relationship.
  • He loves partying and does it like a rockstar.

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