In relationship
3 years
1 month

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating March 2010 April 2013 3 years 1 month
Real name
Ian Joseph Somerhalder
Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva
Date of birth
December 8, 1978
January 9, 1989
41 years old
31 years old
8 Girlfriends
10 Boyfriends

From co-stars to a couple

A gifted actor Ian Somerhalder and beautiful Nina Dobrev started out on the set of popular TV series The Vampire Diaries. They began dating in 2011 during the second season and their chemistry was clearly seen on and off screen for millions of their fans worldwide. And even though they were not vocal about their feelings and tried to keep it under the radar, they were called one of the hottest celebrity couples in Hollywood.

2011 – 2013

The two lovebirds had been going strong for three years until things started changing. In 2013 when Ian was 34 and ready to settle down, Nina was ten years younger and was looking for career opportunities and not marriage. It is no secret that the couple’s followers wanted them to last forever and ever but it was simply impossible, as they realized to be different in age, life plans and career. In November 2013, a report by the Daily Mail surfaced that the two called it quits.

Three friends

Nikki, Ian and Nina have always been good mates. However, only a couple of months after the split, he got romantically involved with Nikki and popped a question half a year later. The rest they say is history. Whenever the film performer talked about her past relationship, she claimed being happy for her ex boyfriend and Reed. She even stated that despite the situation, they all remained close. At the same time, shortly after Nikki and Ian became a union, Dobrev claimed to leave the TV series. Perhaps, we won’t ever know the full story.

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