years old
  • Who is Jennifer Morrison dating now? Gerardo Celasco
  • What is Jennifer Morrison relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Jennifer Morrison boyfriends list

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan
age 39
Jesse Spencer
Jesse Spencer
age 43

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
5 Gerardo Celasco Married 2022 - 1 year 3 months
Dating July 2019 2022 2 years 6 months
4 Sebastian Stan Ex May 2012 July 2013 1 year 2 months
3 Amaury Nolasco Ex January 2009 May 2012 3 years 4 months
2 Jesse Spencer Ex July 2004 August 2007 3 years 1 month
1 Jesse Rangel Ex 0000 0000 0 months


A worldwide-known film performer, a director, a producer and a model- yes, it is all about her, super-talented and stunning Jennifer Morrison.

She saw the light in Chicago, where she was raised along with two siblings. Her parents are involved in music and work as teachers.

A future star was growing a very active child and as a kid used to work as a model, appearing in ads for Montgomery Ward as well as commercials for Mondo, Rice Krispies, etc. While studying at South Middle School, she played the clarinet, sang in a choir and was a cheerleader. After graduation, she entered Loyola University and successfully graduated with a degree in English literature in 2000. Before relocating to Los Angeles, she also studied at a theatre school Steppenwolf in order to get more experience and practice.

Her debut on a big screen happened in 1994, when she featured in a film called Intersection. Yet, what really brought her international fame is her role of Dr. Allison Cameron in super popular medical drama television series House that had been lasting since 2004 and up till 2012. Morrison’s other great works include: Surviving Christmas, Star Trek, Sun Dogs, Alex & the List, Once Upon a Time, This Is Us and many others.

And now, we would like to share more interesting details about the celebrity’s life, we bet you had no clue about:

  • She has a production company Apartment 3C.
  • She can be seen in several music videos, e.g. Shut Up by Nick Lachey, What I Want by Will Butler, etc.
  • Her net worth is estimated at around 8 million dollars.
  • She performed in such plays as The Miracle Worker and The End of Longing.
  • Her hobbies are: traveling, yoga, playing tennis and hiking.

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