In relationship
14 years
4 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Married October 2012 - 8 years 7 months
Engaged December 2011 October 2012 10 months
Dating January 2007 December 2011 4 years 11 months
Real name
Jessica Claire Biel
Justin Randall Timberlake
Date of birth
March 3, 1982
January 31, 1981
38 years old
39 years old
Actor, singer
4 Boyfriends
22 Girlfriends

How did they meet?

A remarkable movie star Jessica Biel and an artist Justin Timberlake are both well-known figures in the entertainment industry. According to the Cosmopolitan, these two love birds got to know each other back in 2007 at a birthday party of a mutual friend. Soon after that they were already spotted together snowboarding, clearly enjoying the time.

On & Off

Both celebrities were and still are very private about their relationship that had been going smooth for four years. However, things changed in March 2011 when the pair’s representatives confirmed to People magazine that they called it quits but remained close friends.

Engagement and wedding

Within just a few months after their breakup the two reunited and got engaged in December 2011. In October 2012 they tied the knot during a beautiful ceremony that took place in Italy.

More amazing news!

In January 2015 the couple announced that their firstborn was on the way. A son, who they named Silas, drew his first breath in April 2015.

Cheating rumors

In November 2019 the singer was seen holding hands with co-star Alisha Wainwright. Neither Timberlake nor Alisha confirmed anything. It was later said that they were simply working on one project together. There were also many other women with whom it was rumored Justin had affairs.

What now?

In June 2020 the couple was seen celebrating Father’s Day and in July 2020 they welcomed their second child. As the Daily Mail stated, the celebrity’s pregnancy was kept in secret for months, which wasn’t that hard considering the quarantine that they were spending away from Los Angeles.

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