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  • Who is Jhene Aiko dating now? Big Sean
  • What is Jhene Aiko relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Jhene Aiko boyfriends list

Shad Moss
Shad Moss
age 35

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
5 Big Sean Dating February 2016 - 7 years 2 months
4 Dot da Genius Married March 2016 October 2017 1 year 7 months
Dating September 2014 March 2016 1 year 6 months
3 Donald Glover Ex September 2013 July 2014 10 months
2 Shad Moss Rumored 2010 2010 0 months
1 O'Ryan Ex 2005 2008 3 years


A gifted singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko was delivered in LA to her mother Christina and father Karamo, who is a pediatrician. The star also has a sister and a brother.

She was growing up as a very artistic child, who clearly demonstrated music talent. According to her own words, she knew she would make it big in the music industry, as it always helped her open up.

Her path to prominence started from collaboration with The Ultimate Group. In addition to that she also wrote a soundtrack to the film called The Master of Disguise of 2002. However, the main breakthrough in her career happened thanks to a famous rap artist B2K. He introduced her to a number of labels and also helped her develop singing and songwriting skills.

In 2014 Aiko presented the debut album Souled Out that was positively accepted by the public. In 2015 she was nominated for a Grammy Award three times and a year later was already performing in Canada.

As of now, she can boast of releasing three studio albums. She keeps developing her career and is not going to stop anytime soon.

Are you eager to find out more mind-blowing details about the celebrity’s life? Well, then check these top 5 facts out. We are sure they will surprise you:

  • Her net worth is estimated at around 1 million dollars.
  • She has an alter-ego J. Hennessy.
  • She is a real foodie, who likes both cooking and eating with her favorite dishes being shrimps and grits.
  • Her main influences are Eminem, Tupac and Kid Cudi.
  • She is a big lover of tattoos and has quite a few of them.

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