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  • What is Jimmy O. Yang relationship status? Single
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight


A gifted film performer, stand-up comedian and writer Jimmy O. Yang drew his first breath in Hong Kong. At the age of 13 he moved with parents and a brother to the US, where they settled down in Los Angeles. Upon arrival to America, a future star began attending John Burroughs Middle School and then studied at Beverly Hills High School. In 2009 Jimmy successfully graduated from the University of California, having got a degree in economics.

His path to prominence started with stand-up performances. However, the money he was making was very little and so, he had several part-time jobs, including a DJ in a strip club, cars seller, administrator, etc. Along with stand-up, Yang decided to take acting classes.

In 2012 he debuted on a big screen, having appeared in an episode of TV series 2 Broke Girls. After that he featured in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, Criminal Minds, etc. The main breakthrough in his career happened in 2014 when he got the role of Jian-Yang in the television series Silicon Valley.

Today, the actor can boast of starring in over 30 great TV projects, the most well-known of which are: Love Hard, Like a Boss, Crazy Rich Asians and others.

And now, it is high time to share more mind-blowing information about the celebrity’s life. Here are top 5 facts that will 100% surprise you:

  • He has a dog named Toffee.
  • He is an author of a book How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents.
  • He got American citizenship in 2015.
  • He cries over romantic comedies.
  • He has a YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads videos.

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