years old
  • Who is Joaquin Phoenix dating now? Rooney Mara
  • What is Joaquin Phoenix relationship status? Engaged
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Joaquin Phoenix girlfriends list

Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara
age 35
Amelia Warner
Amelia Warner
age 38

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
16 Rooney Mara Dating October 2016 - 4 years 7 months
15 Allie Teilz Short affair October 2013 2014 3 months
14 Heather Christie Short affair June 2012 June 2012 0 months
13 Nika (model) Ex 2012 2013 1 year
12 Aria Crescendo Ex January 2010 June 2010 5 months
11 Lena Denasha Rumored 2010 2010 0 months
10 Lindsay Lohan Rumored 2006 2006 0 months
9 Shannyn Sossamon Rumored September 2005 April 2006 7 months
8 Ginnifer Goodwin Rumored 2005 2005 0 months
7 Inger Ebeltoft Rumored May 2001 February 2002 9 months
6 Anna Paquin January 2001 October 2001 9 months
5 Topaz Page-Green 2001 2005 4 years
4 Amelia Warner Rumored October 2000 October 2000 0 months
3 Anna Friel Short affair July 1999 August 1999 1 month
2 Jessica Joffe Ex 1998 1998 0 months
1 Liv Tyler Ex October 1995 November 1998 3 years 1 month


A gifted movie star, musician, producer, music video director and an activist- yes, it is all about him, Joaquin Phoenix.

A future star was delivered in Puerto Rico and became the third of five children in a family. His parents were members of a religious group called the Children of God and that’s why used to travel a lot all over South America. In 1978 they made a decision to leave the group and settled down in LA. There, his mother started working as a secretary for NBC and father became a landscaper.

The celebrity’s path in the entertainment world began with TV series, e.g.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and others. His acting talent was immediately noticed and so, he started getting multiple offers from recognized directors. In such a way, he can be seen in The Master, Her, You Were Never Really Here, Joker, etc.

Throughout his career, the film star appeared in over 30 successful television projects and keeps doing the same nowadays.

Are you curious to get to know the actor more? Well, then have a look at these top 5 little-known facts about his life. We are sure you will be surprised:

  • He was born with a scar on his lip, yet many people think that it appeared after a surgery, accident or anything else.
  • He has been vegan since the age of just 3.
  • He played in a movie called Ladder 49 and in order to bring his character to life, he worked as a real firefighter for a month.
  • He likes talking to fans instead of taking selfies.
  • He has a fear of flying.

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