In relationship
5 years
5 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Engaged April 2017 April 2018 1 year
Dating November 2012 April 2017 4 years 5 months
Real name
John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.
Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace
Date of birth
April 23, 1977
November 21, 1983
43 years old
36 years old
Actor, wrestler
7 Girlfriends
3 Boyfriends

The beginning of a long-lasting relationship

John Cena and Nikki Bella are internationally known WWE stars, who started dating back in 2012. According to Nikki, during their first date, John picked her up and took to a nice dinner, where they ordered steak, chatted for hours and danced right in the middle of the restaurant.

Living together

After just one year of being romantically involved, they moved in together. However, very few people know that before it happened, the wrestler made his girlfriend sign a 75-page agreement, so that everything could be official.

Popping the question

As per Us Weekly, John proposed to the love of his life, Bella in April 2017 after five years of being a real deal. The pair was already planning their wedding until suddenly, there began appearing certain troubles in paradise. As Cena stated, their union wasn’t perfect and they could be months without seeing one another.

Calling it off & reuniting

In April 2018 Bella called off the wedding and there was a really significant reason for it. Nikki has always wanted to become a mother, whereas John refused this idea. In such a way, the pair didn’t only call off the wedding but also broke up.

Just one month after their separation, they reunited and Cena even said that he was ready to experience fatherhood. That’s why both celebrities got back together to build a family.

The end

It is no secret that both of them did their best to rebuild their relationship. Yet, as it turned out, it never worked. In July 2018, they officially announced their second and final breakup.

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