In relationship
10 years
3 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating April 2006 July 2016 10 years 3 months
Real name
Joshua Jackson
Diane Kruger (née Heidkrüger)
Date of birth
June 11, 1978
July 15, 1976
42 years old
44 years old
9 Boyfriends
4 Boyfriends

How and when did it all start?

A beautiful film performer Diane Kruger and a talented actor Joshua Jackson began dating back in 2006. According to the actress, their first date was a “comedy of errors”. During one of the interviews, she shared that she didn’t agree to go on a date with Jackson but just wanted to have drinks with him. However, she saw him looking very eager and initially they ended up having dinner at a restaurant, where she had an allergic reaction to flowers. When he drove her home and leaned to kiss her, she thought of slapping him. The next day he sent her a box of tissues from sneezing and was really surprised when Diane called him back after such a disaster-date. That’s actually how their relationship of 10 years began.

Time together

During all 10 years that the couple had been together, they were frequently seen at various red carpet premieres and fashionable events. Diane has a house in Paris and Joshua in Vancouver but they both lived in New York, where they could be often seen taking strolls around the city.

When and why did they break up?

In 2015 there started appearing rumors of the pair’s separation, as the actress was seen holding hands with Norman Reedus. People magazine confirmed that the celebrity item has split in 2016. It was also added that they made a decision to call it quits mutually and remained friends.

Today, both of them moved on with other people. Kruger is still with Reedus, raising a common child with him, while Jackson married a film star Jodie Turner-Smith with whom he shares a baby-girl.

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