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  • What is Julia Lester relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight


A remarkable actress and singer Julia Lester was delivered in LA to her mother Kelly and father Loren. Also, she has two sisters named Lily and Jenny.

A future star grew up in an acting family, as both her parents used to perform in theatres. It would be interesting to know that it was Julia’s father, who inspired and motivated her to pursue a professional career in the filmmaking business.

A young starlet attended Calabasas High School and is currently studying at the University.

Lester’s path to prominence started in 2011 when she featured in a short film called The One Who Got Away. After that she could be seen in a TV film Neckpee Island, an episode of comedy television series Bella and the Bulldogs, 3 episodes in Mom television sitcom, 2 episodes of Prince of Peoria, etc.

However, what really made her recognized worldwide is a role of Ashlyn Caswell in musical drama streaming TV series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series that has been lasting since 2019 and up till present moment.

Nowadays, the film performer keeps developing her career, starring in various movies, TV shows and series, thus getting more and more popular.

And now, it is high time to share more fascinating information about the star’s life. Check these top 5 little-known facts you definitely didn’t know about:

  • She is a trained dancer in jazz, hip-hop, tap dancing and contemporary.
  • Her net worth is estimated at around half a million dollars.
  • She is Jewish.
  • She wants her future occupation to be in Disney.
  • She performed in different theatres, e.g. Kavli Theatre, Hudson Backstage Theatre, Cupcake Theatre, etc.

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