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2 years
6 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating April 2017 October 2019 2 years 6 months
Real name
Kylie Kristen Jenner
Jacques Berman Webster II
Date of birth
August 10, 1997
April 30, 1992
22 years old
28 years old
Reality star, entrepreneur
14 Boyfriends
8 Girlfriends

Spring 2017: first meeting

According to the Insider report, a rap performer Travis Scott and a businesswoman Kylie Jenner got romantically involved in April 2017 when they were first seen together at Coachella. A few days later the two celebrities were photographed at an NBA playoff game. In May 2017 they appeared at the Met Gala and looked really inseparable. The pair was getting more and more serious about each other, spending all spare time together. For instance, they celebrated Scott’s birthday in New York, then were seen on a yacht in Miami, etc.

Autumn 2017: pregnancy

In September 2017 it was announced that the pair is expecting a baby-girl. The child was welcomed in February 2018. It is known that Travis was present at the delivery room supporting Kylie. As a “push present” the rapper presented his girlfriend a rare Ferrari that is worth of 1.4 million dollars for the birth of a baby.

2018: more time as a union

In May 2018 the two went on vacation with a daughter to Caicos and Turks. The same month, the couple appeared at the annual Met Gala and in June went on a romantic trip to France.

2019: the split

In October 2019 there appeared rumors that the two are taking a break but are not done. Within a short period of time it was confirmed and added that the celebrities didn’t call it quits officially but are just taking some time apart from one another.

2020: back together or just rumors

In line with multiple sources, Jenner and Scott officially reunited in March 2020. They keep raising their daughter as well as keep being a lovely couple. But it can be just rumors.

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