In relationship
6 years
7 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating June 2008 January 2015 6 years 7 months
Real name
Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton
Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente
Date of birth
January 7, 1985
June 29, 1978
35 years old
41 years old
Racing driver
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
18 Girlfriends
9 Boyfriends

A beautiful couple

A famous car racer Lewis Hamilton and an internationally known singer Nicole Scherzinger got acquainted at the 2007 MTV Europe Awards. It didn’t take them long to start a relationship and so, that same year they started seeing each other, having become a high-profile celebrity pair. They looked really great as an item however, as any other couple they had their relationship issues. Perhaps, that was the main reason for their on and off union that lasted the whole 8 years.

The reason behind the split

Keeping a healthy relationship is really a hard thing and not everyone is capable of doing that. And this is exactly what happened with Lewis and Nicole. According to the Daily Mail, the two broke up for the fourth and the last time in 2015. In line with some sources, the racer was too scared of making the next step and married his long-term girlfriend. However, other insiders claim the relationship with cars was far more important for Hamilton than that with Nicole.

Calling it quits according to the stars

There were many rumors and speculations regarding the pair’s breakup. Yet, only they know the real truth. During one of the interviews, the car racer shared that his cars are his babies and his career is his priority and nothing or no one can change that. This literally means that the artist would always come second.

In her turn, the singer stated that they both always had hectic working schedules and traveling lifestyles in different countries, meaning that they had very little time to spend with each other. She also added that there is nothing wrong when people part ways and they just have to be mature and wish one another happiness and love.

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