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  • What is Lizzo relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight


A remarkable singer- songwriter and rapper Melissa Jefferson, more known as Lizzo saw the light in Detroit. The celebrity grew up with a brother and sister in a religious family. That’s why she used to sing at a church choir.

When her family moved to Texas, a future star got passionate about rap and even formed a band called Cornrow Clique, where she had been performing for several years. After that she entered the University of Houston and studied classical music. However, she left the University to pursue a professional career in the entertainment business.

For this, she relocated to Minneapolis, where she created a female group The Chalice. Despite the fact that the band didn’t manage to gain popularity, Lizzo was noticed by a producer with the help of whom she presented a debut album Lizzobangers that turned out to be quite successful not only in the US but UK too. In order to reach even more fame and recognition, the artist introduced the second album in 2015. Today, she can boast of releasing 3 great studio albums, two mixtapes and 23 singles.

In addition to that, she also tried her hand in acting and can be seen in Hustlers, UglyDolls, Wonderland and other TV projects.

And now, it is high time to share more fascinating details about the celebrity’s life. Here are top 5 facts about her life you 100% had no clue about:

  • She taught herself to play the flute.
  • At the age of 21 she used to be homeless.
  • Once, she took a three month vow of silence.
  • She is a winner of 3 Grammy Awards.
  • She wanted to quit music in 2016.

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