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  • Who is Louis Tomlinson dating now? Eleanor Calder
  • What is Louis Tomlinson relationship status? Dating
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Louis Tomlinson girlfriends list

Eleanor Calder
Eleanor Calder
age 28

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
7 Danielle Campbell Ex November 2015 December 2016 1 year 1 month
6 Tamara Bell Short affair June 2015 June 2015 0 months
5 Briana Jungwirth Short affair April 2015 June 2015 2 months
4 Lucy Julian Short affair March 2015 March 2015 0 months
3 Eleanor Calder Dating September 2011 - 9 years 8 months
2 Hanna Walker Ex March 2010 July 2011 1 year 4 months
1 Bethany Larkman Ex 2007 2000 7 years


Millions of people across the world know such a talented singer as Louis Tomlinson. He was delivered in South Yorkshire to his parents Troy and Johanna, who divorced when he was just two years old.

He was a really artistic kid and that’s why he attended an acting school in Barnsley. Having finished high school, he started working as an employee at a cinema and a waiter in a club at a football stadium.

Everything changed when he decided to take part in The X Factor in 2010. He passed several tours but didn’t reach the finals and was offered to join four other participants of the show, thus creating a group One Direction. They won third place at the show and signed a contract with Syco Records. In total, the band introduced 7 successful albums and toured around the globe a few times.

When in 2015 the band broke up, Tomlinson started pursuing a solo career, releasing singles solo as well as in collaboration with other well-known artists. In 2020 he presented his debut album called Walls that was positively accepted by his fans as well as professional critics.

Today, the celebrity keeps developing his career in the music industry, becoming more and more recognized as a solo artist.

Yet, this is not all information we would like to share about such a talented star. Have a look at these top 5 little-known facts about his life:

  • He loves animals a lot and has a dog named Ted.
  • He is really good at playing the piano.
  • He prefers a shower over a bath.
  • He sometimes sleepwalks.
  • He can be seen in a film Grease as well as drama If I Had You.

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