In relationship
3 years
8 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating September 2017 - 3 years 8 months
Real name
Macaulay Carson Culkin
Brenda Song
Date of birth
August 26, 1980
March 27, 1988
40 years old
32 years old
5 Girlfriends
8 Boyfriends

When did they start dating?

As per the Us Magazine, a talented Home Alone movie star Macaulay Culkin got romantically involved with a talented actress Brenda Song in 2017. For several years, both celebrities kept their love life private and didn’t share any details about their romance. However, nowadays, both actors are more opened, letting millions of their fans know what is happening in their lives.

First rumors

Speculations about the pair’s affair began in June 2017. In December of the same year, they were seen together while walking around Paris. Despite the fact that actors were mainly tight-lipped about their relationship, in September 2018 the actress shared that she was very happy the way her personal life was going.

Living together

Due to the fact that both celebrities grew up in the entertainment industry, it was easy to bond. It is not known for sure when but the two lovebirds settled down together in a house with lots of pets, including two cats, a fish, a parrot and a dog.

Baby planning

Even though the couple is not married yet, Culkin shared that they are currently trying to have a baby, as both of them are ready for children and parenthood.

What now?

Today, the couple keeps going strong, working in the filmmaking business and trying to have kids. They rarely talk about one another during interviews but sometimes post common pictures on social media. For instance, this year, Song congratulated her boyfriend with his 40th birthday via Instagram, writing that he is her unicorn that she never thought could exist.

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