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  • Who is Mariah Carey dating now? Bryan Tanaka
  • What is Mariah Carey relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Mariah Carey boyfriends list

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon
age 39

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
15 Bryan Tanaka Dating November 2016 - 4 years 6 months
14 James Packer Short affair June 2015 October 2016 1 year 4 months
13 Brett Ratner Short affair March 2015 April 2015 1 month
12 Nick Cannon Married April 2008 November 2016 8 years 7 months
Dating February 2008 April 2008 2 months
11 Trey Songz Rumored 2007 2007 0 months
10 Christian Monzon Ex 2005 2006 1 year
9 Mark Sudack Ex 2003 2005 2 years
8 Eminem Short affair 2002 2002 0 months
7 Eric Benét Ex 2000 2003 3 years
6 Luis Miguel Ex 1999 2001 2 years
5 Marcus Schenkenberg Ex 1998 1999 1 year
4 Jamie Theakston Short affair 1998 1998 0 months
3 Eddie Griffin Short affair July 1997 July 1997 0 months
2 Derek Jeter Ex 1997 1998 1 year
1 Tommy Mottola Married June 1993 May 1997 3 years 11 months
Dating May 1991 June 1993 2 years 1 month


Perhaps, there wouldn’t be even one person, who has never heard of Mariah Carey- a famous show-business star, a singer, an actress, a producer and a philanthropist.

She was welcomed to her father Alfred, who worked as an engineer and her mother Patricia, who was a professional singer at the New York Opera. And it was she, who was her stellar daughter’s vocal coach. Having finished school, a young starlet decided not to enter the University but to pursue a career as a music artist. For that, she moved to New York and started working as a backing singer as well as a waitress to make the ends meet.

She did all possible and impossible to find a person, who would help her rise to stardom in the entertainment industry and it turned out to be Tommy Mottola. He helped Mariah to record her first album that had unbelievable success. After that the singer began presenting one album after the other one as well as collaborating with such well-known artists as Snoop Dog, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Busta Rhymes and others.

Apart from singing, Carey also featured in a number of movies, including The Bachelor, Glitter, Wise Girls, The Butler, etc.

Today, the celebrity keeps introducing new singles, touring the world and taking part in shows.

Are you curious to know more mind-blowing facts about the star? Here you go:

  • She used to be a vegetarian.
  • She has over 1000 pairs of shoes.
  • Her legs are insured for over a million dollars.
  • She used to smoke. However, this habit started changing her voice for the worse and so, she quit smoking.
  • Due to extra weight, she had gastroplasty.

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