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  • Who is Mario Casas dating now? Déborah François
  • What is Mario Casas relationship status? Dating
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Mario Casas girlfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
5 Déborah François Dating 2020 - 3 years 3 months
4 Blanca Suárez Ex March 2018 September 2019 1 year 6 months
3 Berta Vázquez Ex October 2014 2016 1 year 3 months
2 María Valverde Ex 2011 September 2014 3 years 8 months
1 Amaia Salamanca Ex September 2008 January 2009 4 months


A Spanish-born movie star Mario Casas drew his first breath in Galicia to his mother Heidi, who is a housewife and father Ramon, who is a carpenter. In addition to that, the celebrity also has four siblings. As a child, a future star had no intention to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry. Instead, he liked trying various things out, e.g. dancing, singing, playing football, ping-pong, etc.

Yet, things changed when he was offered to feature in commercials, while attending high school. In such a way, he starred in ads for Telepizza, Cola Cao, Scalextric, etc. He loved being in front of cameras and that’s why at 18, relocated to Madrid to study at Cristina Rota School of Dramatic Arts.

At the very beginning of his path to stardom he appeared only in soap operas that are not known outside Spain. Casas’ first work that could be seen abroad was in a film Summer Rain directed by Antonio Banderas. Soon after, he played the main role in Sex, Party and Lies. However, the main breakthrough in actor’s career happened thanks to a role of Hugo in a super popular movie Three Steps Above Heaven.

His other successful TV projects include: The Invisible Guest, The Paramedic, Cross the Line, Fear, Easy Money and many others.

If you are curious to know more about such a gifted film performer, then have a look at these top 5 fascinating facts about his life:

  • His favorite genre is horror.
  • Currently, his net worth is estimated at around 4 million dollars.
  • His father is his role model.
  • He loves tattoos a lot and has the initials of each of his family members.
  • He is a multi-award winning film star.

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