years old
  • Who is Matt Bomer dating now? Simon Halls
  • What is Matt Bomer relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Gay

Matt Bomer boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
2 Simon Halls Married 2011 - 10 years 4 months
Dating 2008 2011 3 years
1 Mike White Ex November 2001 February 2004 2 years 3 months


A talented and handsome movie star Matt Bomer drew his first breath in St. Louis, where he grew up with two siblings. His father John is a former Dallas Cowboys draft pick, while his mother is a housewife.

It would be interesting to know that a future star was planning to pursue a career in the world of sports like his father. However, apart from football, he was also passionate about acting and often performed at school plays and musicals.

Having finished school, Matt chose acting to sports and that’s why entered the Carnegie Mellon University Drama School that he successfully graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Right after that he moved to New York for greener pastures and started attending various auditions.

He debuted on a big screen in 2000 in a soap opera that aired on ABC called All My Children. After that he had been featuring in TV series Guiding Light since 2002 and up till 2003. This project made Matt a little big recognized in the filmmaking business and so, he began getting more serious roles. For instance, he starred in Tru Calling, Flightplan, The Texas Chainsaw, etc.

However, the main breakthrough in his career happened after the popular series White Collar. The celebrity’s other well-known projects include: Magic Mike, In Time, Space Station 76, The Nice Guys, The Sinner and many others.

Are you curious to know more about the star’s life? Well, then check these top 5 fascinating facts out right now:

  • He came out as gay in 2012.
  • He doesn’t like talking about his private life.
  • He is a father to three children.
  • He is an advocate for LGBTQ rights.
  • Before gaining worldwide recognition, he used to wait tables and work as a bellman.

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