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Type Start End Length
Rumored December 2019 December 2019 0 months
Real name
Matthew Robert Smith
Claire Elizabeth Foy
Date of birth
October 28, 1982
April 16, 1984
37 years old
36 years old
8 Girlfriends
2 Boyfriends

Rumors or not?

As soon as a worldwide known movie star Matt Smith broke up with his soul mate Lily James in 2019, Hollywood started talking about his new romance with co-star Claire Foy. Both film performers formed a strong bond while filming The Crown and have remained quite close ever since. According to the insiders, the two often spend time together when they are in London. During one of the interviews, the celebrity mentioned that Matt is her very close friend and nothing more than that.

More speculations

As the Daily Mail reported, Claire Foy can be one of the reasons for Matt’s breakup with James. Many sources stated that Matt and Lily ended their 5-year relationship because of hectic working schedules. Yet, there was one more reason, which is the actor’s friendships with female co-stars.

Adding more fuel to this story, Smith and Foy have recently starred together in a play Lungs, where they played a husband and wife and intense chemistry was just obvious between the two.

Unfortunately, currently, nobody knows what’s happening between the two. So, we will have to wait and see whether all these speculations and rumors are true or not. But the excitement is simply unbearable!

New partners

It is known that Claire was previously married to Stephen Campbell Moore with whom she shares a daughter. Currently, she might be building a bond with Smith or might not, as he was seen walking with his ex and they looked more than happy in March 2020. So, let’s wait a bit and see what happens next with this “love triangle”.

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