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  • Who is Mena Suvari dating now? Michael Hope
  • What is Mena Suvari relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Mena Suvari boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
5 Michael Hope Married 2018 - 3 years 4 months
Dating 2016 2018 2 years
4 Salvador Sanchez Ex October 2012 2015 2 years 3 months
3 Simone Sestito Married 2010 October 2012 2 years 9 months
Dating September 2007 2010 2 years 4 months
2 Mike Carrasco Short affair October 2005 October 2005 0 months
1 Robert Brinkmann Married 2000 2005 5 years
Dating 1998 2000 2 years


A remarkable film performer, model and fashion designer Mena Suvari became the fourth and the youngest child in a family of Candice, who worked as a nurse and Ando, who was a psychiatrist.

When a future star turned 10, the family moved to Charleston, where Mena began attending Ashley Hall school that had its own modeling agency. The girl’s beauty attracted their attention and at 12 she signed the first contract with one of the leading and most respected modeling agencies called Wilhelmina. Soon after that the whole family relocated to LA, so that the beauty could have more career opportunities. Despite the fact that Mena started working as a model, she couldn’t stop thinking of acting and with the time began appearing with minor roles on TV.

At first, she had little roles in such television series as ER, Minor Adjustments and others. Then in 1997 she debuted in a film Nowhere, which however, didn’t bring her any fame. The main breakthrough in her career happened in 1999 when she featured in American Beauty as Angela Hayes. This work brought her the love and recognition of millions of people across the globe. She immediately became one of the most sought-after actresses and could boast of starring in such successful projects as American Pie, Sugar & Spice, You May Not Kiss the Bride, South of Hell and many others.

Are you curious to know more? Well, then have a look at these top 5 fascinating facts about the star’s life:

  • As a child, she dreamt of becoming an archeologist.
  • She is a model for Lancome cosmetics.
  • She is vegan for ethical reasons.
  • She is active in female empowerment issues.
  • She is involved into charity, supporting Circle of Friends, End Violence Against Women, etc.

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