years old
  • What is NBA YoungBoy relationship status? Single
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

NBA YoungBoy girlfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
8 Iyanna Mayweather Ex 0000 0000 0 months
7 Kay Marie Ex 0000 0000 0 months
6 Jania Jackson Ex 0000 0000 0 months
5 Bhad Bhabie Ex 0000 0000 0 months
4 Trinia “Nia” Ex 0000 0000 0 months
3 Starr Dejanee Ex 0000 0000 0 months
2 Starr Thigpen Ex 0000 0000 0 months
1 Nisha Ex 0000 0000 0 months


If you are interested in rap, then you have definitely heard about such a talented artist as NBA YoungBoy. He got passionate about music at a quite young age and at 14 started producing it. His hard work paid off and in 2014 he presented the debut mixtape called Life Before Fame. However, it didn’t bring him any fame or recognition. Things changed when in 2016 he posted a super hit mixtape 38 Baby that got millions of views on YouTube as well as millions of fans and followers.

Just when he began rising to prominence, he got in jail on a suspicion of murder. However, he didn’t give up and while being in jail, presented several singles, e.g. Win or Lose, Too Much and others. Surprisingly enough but all of them turned hits overnight!

In 2017 the rap artist was released from jail and just a week after that introduced a song Untouchable that quickly became a hit.

Today, he can boast of 1 successfully released album, 16 mixtapes, 14 singles and 1 compilation album.

If you are curious to know more about this gifted artist, then have a look at these top 5 little-known facts about his life. We are sure they will surprise you:

  • He was raised by his grandmother, as his mother left him and father was sentenced to 55 years in jail.
  • He has five children from different women.
  • He dropped out of school in 8th grade to pursue a music path.
  • In 2018 he was arrested right before his concert at a nightclub. He was charged with kidnapping, violations and possession of weapons.
  • He is an unofficial King of YouTube.

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