years old
  • Who is Nikki Reed dating now? Ian Somerhalder
  • What is Nikki Reed relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Nikki Reed boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
9 Ian Somerhalder Married April 2015 - 6 years 1 month
Dating July 2014 April 2015 9 months
8 Derek Hough Short affair April 2014 June 2014 2 months
7 Paul McDonald Married October 2011 March 2014 2 years 5 months
Dating March 2011 October 2011 7 months
6 Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis Ex July 2009 July 2010 1 year
5 Robert Pattinson Short affair February 2009 June 2009 4 months
4 Pavel Priluchnyy Short affair 2009 2009 0 months
3 Ryan Phillippe Short affair February 2007 February 2007 0 months
2 DJ Qualls Ex January 2006 May 2007 1 year 4 months
1 Victor Rasuk Ex April 2004 April 2006 2 years


A talented movie star Nikki Reed was welcomed in the family of an architect and a cosmetician. She also has two brothers.

It would be interesting to know that Nikki had no plans of pursuing a career in the filmmaking business. However, at 13 she started struggling with the awkward age, during which she wrote a script for the film called Thirteen and offered it to several motion picture companies. One of the producers agreed and soon, Reed could be seen in the main role of her own TV project. After that she was offered to play in several TV series and movies. In such a way, she appeared in Mini’s First Time, The O.C.- The Orange County, Cherry Crush and others.

Nonetheless, the main breakthrough in her professional career happened when she received a part in The Twilight. The role brought her worldwide recognition, fame and of course, consequent high earnings.

However, the actress is passionate not only about acting but also music. In collaboration with Paul MacDonald she introduced a single Now That I’ve Found You and later they released a mutual album called The Best Part.

Also, in 2018 the celebrity cooperated with a well-known company Dell to launch her own jewelry collection made of recycled materials.

And now we are eager to share top 5 fascinating facts about Reed:

  • She supports animal rights.
  • She is vegetarian.
  • Her favorite TV show is Homeland and her favorite movie ever is Dirty Dancing.
  • She is into tattoos and her body is covered with 20 of them. According to Nikki, they all have certain meaning and are very personal.
  • She enjoys mountain biking.

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