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1 year
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Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating March 2019 April 2020 1 year 1 month
Real name
Noah Gregory Centineo
Alexis René Glabach
Date of birth
May 9, 1996
November 23, 1996
23 years old
23 years old
Model, internet star
3 Girlfriends
3 Boyfriends

March 2019

Rumors about a famous movie star Noah Centineo and a model Alexis Ren being a couple first sparked in March 2019. Exactly at that time they were noticed at the airport with the actor waiting for his girlfriend at the baggage claim. As one of the insiders stated they were holding hands, hugging and it was very obvious that they were an item. In September of the same year the two love birds confirmed their relationship status even though they managed to keep it under the radar for a couple of months.

First appearances together 

In October 2019 the pair walked together at the red carpet at the UNICEF ball in LA. Afterwards they were seen multiple times not only at public events but also during ordinary days. In addition, they started following each other on Instagram posting mutual pictures and short videos. The model told the Entertainment Tonight that she loves Noah. In his turn the film performer shared that Ren is the angel of his life. It would be also interesting to know that it was one of the celebrity’s longest relationships.

Getting more serious

The couple was really going strong and their relationship was developing quite rapidly. Centineo even met his girlfriend’s parents in 2019 and they loved him a lot. Despite this at some point things went south.

The split for unknown reasons: April 2020

As the Us Weekly reported the couple called it quits after one year of dating. Of course, none of the parties confirmed it officially but they unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted all mutual pictures.

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