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  • Who is Pia Mia dating now? Nicholas Balding
  • What is Pia Mia relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Pia Mia boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
2 Nicholas Balding Dating November 2014 - 6 years 6 months
1 Remy Thorne Ex February 2012 October 2012 8 months


A remarkable singer-songwriter and model Pia Mia Perez was delivered on the small island of Guam, US. However, at 13 she moved to LA to pursue her ambitions and build a successful career in the music world.

Prior to becoming a recognized artist, Pia Mia used to perform at various community events as well as weddings. Then she started posting covers for famous songs on her YouTube channel, demonstrating her vocal skills and charisma. Her videos went viral within a blink of an eye and she began getting a lot of public attention as well as social media following. Very soon she started working with a producer Babyface and in 2013 was introduced to Abou “Bu” Thiam, who helped her rise to stardom.

It would be also interesting to know that the celebrity has her own record label, where she recorded her first tracks.

Apart from the music sphere, she works as a model thanks to her slim body. She models for various brands, takes part in photo shoots and appears on covers of magazines. Finally, she is known for her outstanding and unique fashion style.

Are you eager to know more about the beauty? Here are top 5 mind-blowing facts to check out:

  • She can be seen in three episodes of KARtv, playing herself.
  • She keeps her body in shape by having almost everyday training that includes fighting techniques of self-defense.
  • Her fans are called Piapods.
  • She has a very extraordinary hobby. Due to the fact that she loves scents, she enjoys making candles whenever she has free time.
  • Her current net worth is estimated at around 2 million dollars.

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