In relationship
10 years
5 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Married June 2011 - 9 years 11 months
Dating December 2010 June 2011 6 months
Real name
Rachel Hannah Weisz
Daniel Wroughton Craig
Date of birth
March 7, 1970
March 2, 1968
50 years old
52 years old
6 Boyfriends
6 Girlfriends

From friends to a couple

According to Marie Claire magazine, a stunning actress Rachel Weisz and a famous film performer, who played James Bond, Daniel Craig had been friends for many years. Before becoming an official power couple, both of them were in long-term unions with other partners. However, things started changing in 2010 when they were filming together in a TV project called Dream House, where they played a married pair. According to many insiders the chemistry between the two was obvious, yet the actors denied any romantic feelings.

A secret wedding

In June 2011 it was reported that the celebrities secretly tied the knot officially in New York after six months of dating. The wedding was attended by four people, including Daniel’s daughter and Rachel’s son. It would be interesting to know that the actress never really had an ambition of marrying anyone, as she could never relate to such romantic things. Yet, it came in a very natural way and at a mature moment.

Living under the radar with a daughter

In April 2018 the celebrity announced her pregnancy with Craig. In August 2018 they welcomed a cute baby-girl, whose name is unfortunately still unknown. Both mom and dad are very quiet about her and are rarely seen out with a child. They do their best to keep a kid away from the limelight in every possible way.

Generally, these two lovebirds prefer to live a calm way of life far from the spotlight, except for some red carpet events. They currently reside in New York and keep a low profile life.

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