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  • Who is Robin Tunney dating now? Nicky Marmet
  • What is Robin Tunney relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Robin Tunney boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
4 Nicky Marmet Dating July 2012 - 10 years 9 months
3 Page Hamilton Ex December 2010 August 2012 1 year 8 months
2 Andrew Dominik Ex May 2006 August 2010 4 years 3 months
1 Bob Gosse Married August 1996 January 2006 9 years 5 months
Dating 2005 August 1996 8 years 5 months


A gifted film performer Robin Tunney was welcomed in Chicago to her father Patrick, who was a car salesman and mother Cathy, who worked as a bartender.

As a kid, a future star was passionate about music and often performed at school concerts. With time, she got interested in acting and in order to get more knowledge about it, entered the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Having graduated from the college, she made a decision to relocate to LA to have more career opportunities. Soon, she started getting various offers from film directors. As many other actors, her path to prominence began with a TV series. She could be seen in Cutters, Law & Order, Life Goes On and many others.

She became more famous after a horror-fantasy movie called The Craft after which her acting talent was noticed by many producers. In such a way, she began starring in different TV projects. To name just a few: Prison Break, The Mentalist, The Fix, The Two Mr. Kissels, etc.

Today, the celebrity’s filmography includes roughly 40 great TV works and she keeps developing her career further.

If you are curious to find out more surprising details about the star’s life, then have a look at these top 5 facts:

  • Her favorite color is aquamarine.
  • As a child, she used to feature in many commercials.
  • She loves playing cards, entertaining herself in a casino.
  • Before making it big in the filmmaking industry, she dreamt of becoming a basketball player. Yet, a knee reconstructive surgery changed her plans.
  • She appeared in a music video with Luke Wilson.

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