years old
  • Who is Sarah-Jade Bleau dating now? Tony Lopez
  • What is Sarah-Jade Bleau relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Sarah-Jade Bleau boyfriends list

Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez
age 21

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Tony Lopez Dating November 2020 - 6 months


Living in today’s modern world means being aware of all social media platforms. For many people, it is not only about being a part of any platform but about getting international recognition, fame and even a career with its help.

Sarah-Jade Bleau can be a bright example of a person, who managed to build a great career in TikTok, having become a popular star within a short period of time.

It is known that she was delivered in Canada and has one sibling. As for the celebrity’s parents, there is absolutely no information about their names or occupation even though Sarah’s dad regularly appears in her videos.

Bleau is one of those TikTokers, who reached an unbelievable number of followers within less than just a year. She registered on the platform in April 2020, demonstrating her dancing skills, especially robotic ones. It gripped the attention of a large audience and today, she can boast of having over 7 million followers. The social media star made a decision not to stop and collaborated with other popular TikTokers, e.g. Tony and Ondreaz Lopez, etc.

As of now, her videos get millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes, which makes her one of the most successful social media personalities.

And now, it is high time to share more mind-blowing facts about Sarah’s life. Here are top 5 facts to surprise you with:

  • She is an avid pet lover.
  • Her hobbies include: traveling and photography.
  • She likes dancing and singing.
  • Very few people know but she actually joined TikTok for entertainment. However, her videos went viral and made her extremely popular.
  • Her net worth is around 700k dollars.

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