years old
  • What is Scott Disick relationship status? Single
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Scott Disick girlfriends list

Sofia Richie
Sofia Richie
age 21
Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne
age 23

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
14 Sofia Richie Ex May 2017 June 2020 3 years 1 month
13 Bella Thorne Short affair May 2017 July 2017 2 months
12 Jessica Harris Short affair April 2017 April 2017 0 months
11 Amber Davis Short affair March 2017 March 2017 0 months
10 Bella Banos Ex January 2017 April 2017 3 months
9 Ellen Robinson Ex June 2016 June 2016 0 months
8 Megan Irwin Short affair May 2016 May 2016 0 months
7 Christine Burke Ex March 2016 May 2016 2 months
6 Lina Sandberg Short affair November 2015 January 2016 2 months
5 Lindsay Vrckovnik Short affair September 2015 October 2015 1 month
4 Kimberly Stewart Rumored September 2015 September 2015 0 months
3 Cassie Amato Short affair August 2015 August 2015 0 months
2 Chloe Bartoli Ex August 2015 August 2015 0 months
1 Kourtney Kardashian Ex February 2007 July 2015 8 years 5 months


Indeed, very few people would ever know about Scott Disick if he didn’t get romantically involved with Kourtney Kardashian. It helped him become a well-known figure in the entertainment business as well as build a successful career.

He drew his first breath in New York to his parents Jeffrey and Bonnie and attended the Ross School. However, instead of studying, he was known for his crazy partying ways. He even had a nickname STD. Perhaps, it was the main reason why he didn’t graduate from Ross.

Before becoming a television personality and entrepreneur, Scott worked as a model for the cover art of adult novel series.

When he started dating Kourtney, he began appearing in basically all family reality shows. To name just a few: Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, Punk’s, Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord and many other TV projects. When the couple broke up having three common kids, Scott launched a clothing line and could be seen on the home-renovation show called Flip It Like Disick.

Are you curious to get to know the celebrity better? Then check these 5 little-known facts out:

  • Before the age of 18, he was arrested twice. Once for driving under the influence and the second time for speeding.
  • His current net worth is about 12 million dollars.
  • According to his own words, he suffers from anger issues and that could be clearly seen in all TV shows he took part in.
  • He tried his skills as a restaurateur and opened a Japanese restaurant in New York called Ryu. However, within less than a year he cut any ties with it and it has been closed ever since.
  • He released a tanning product for men called Monte Carlo.

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