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  • Who is Shaun White dating now? Nina Dobrev
  • What is Shaun White relationship status? Dating
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Shaun White girlfriends list

Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev
age 31
Sarah Barthel
Sarah Barthel
age 37

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
2 Nina Dobrev Dating March 2020 - 1 year 2 months
1 Sarah Barthel Ex 2014 2019 5 years


If you are into sports and snowboarding in particular, then you have definitely heard of a “Flying Tomato” and three-time Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White.

The sportsman drew his first breath in San Diego to Cathy and Roger. He also has two siblings named Karie and Jesse. He started surfing and skateboarding at a young age. When he turned 6, his mother introduced him to snowboarding and that’s how and when he got really passionate about this kind of sport.

Within a year, White took part in his first snowboarding contest and at 9 he was already noticed in the world of not only snowboarding but also skateboarding. By the age of 12 he used to win all amateur meets he participated in and at 13 he became professional. Shaun began taking part in X Games and won quite a few awards along with dozens of medals. To name just a few: U.S. 2003 Open Slopestyle and Superpipe, 2006 Rider of the Year, etc. In 2010 he won gold in the Halfpipe during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Today, White is still extremely passionate about sports and keeps training and taking part in different competitions.

And now it is time to share top 5 little-known facts about the star you will be surprised to hear about:

  • He got the first sponsorship deal at the age of 7.
  • He is an accomplished skateboarder.
  • He likes music and plays the guitar. He even went on a tour with a band Bad Things.
  • He can be seen in such movie as Friends With Benefits. Also he was a guest at American Dad! and co-produced a film called Cloud 9.
  • In 2014 he participated in the Winter Olympics where he finished fourth.

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