years old
  • Who is Theo James dating now? Ruth Kearney
  • What is Theo James relationship status? Married
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Theo James girlfriends list

Ruth Kearney
Ruth Kearney
age 35

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Ruth Kearney Married August 2018 - 2 years 9 months
Dating 2009 August 2018 9 years 7 months


A popular British-born movie star and a singer Theo James rose to prominence thanks to his exceptional acting skills.

A future star studied in a prestigious school, where he also played basketball and danced hip-hop. Then he earned a degree in Philosophy at the University. Soon after graduation he did various odd jobs. For example, he worked as a lifeguard, a bartender, an NHS employee, etc.

It would be interesting to know that James had no plans to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry but he fell into it by accident. At that time his then- girlfriend wanted to try out for the Drama School and Theo went with her. As a result, he got in and his girlfriend didn’t.

He debuted on a big screen in 2010 in a melodrama called Passionate Woman. Within a short period of time he featured in Downton Abbey that brought him popularity. In such a way he was piled up with multiple offers and can be now seen in such successful TV projects as Divergent, Underworld Awakening, Bedlam and others.

Apart from that, Theo is a gifted musician, who can play the piano, guitar, saxophone and harmonica. He was a frontman in a band Shere Khan that unfortunately broke up in 2012.

Are you eager to know even more about the celebrity? Then check these top 5 little-known facts about the star’s life:

  • He can beat box.
  • Even though he is a public person, he is not on social media.
  • He loves sports with boxing, rugby and deep sea diving being his favorite kinds.
  • He has four siblings.
  • He has been called the next Brad Pitt.

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