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  • What is Thomas Doherty relationship status? Single
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

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Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron
age 24

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Dove Cameron Ex December 2016 October 2020 3 years 10 months


A talented actor Thomas Doherty drew his first breath in Edinburgh, where he grew up with two siblings.

His path to prominence started at the age of 5 when parents noticed his outstanding artistic skills. They saw that he wasn’t afraid of being in front of cameras and signed him up with LYAMC. In addition to that, he studied at Royal High School and then attended The MGA Academy of Performing Arts, where he earned a degree in music and theatre. Having graduated, he relocated to London and signed a contract with Olivia Bell Management.

Thomas debuted on a big screen in 2013, having featured in an episode of horror TV series called Dracula. Then, since 2016 and up till 2017 he had been playing the main role in The Lodge that made him an international star overnight. In 2017 he also starred in a short film Under the Sea: A Descendants Story. Throughout the celebrity’s path in the moviemaking business, he starred in dozens of successful television projects, including High Fidelity, Descendants 3, Gossip Girl and many others.

Today, the film performer keeps developing his career, appearing in films, TV series and shows of various genres.

However, this is not all we would like to share about such a gifted star. Check these top 5 fascinating facts about his life. We are sure you will be surprised:

  • He is not a big fan of music and rarely listens to it.
  • He loves tattoos a lot and says that the process of getting them is very addictive.
  • He feels anxious in social places.
  • He used to work as a waiter in Tigerlily restaurant in his home city.
  • In 2017 Vogue magazine named him one of the 50 fittest boys across the globe.

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