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  • Who is Zhavia dating now? Emmanuel Lateju
  • What is Zhavia relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Zhavia boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Emmanuel Lateju Dating March 2018 - 3 years 2 months


A gifted and beautiful singer and songwriter Zhavia was welcomed to her mother Bobbi Jo Black, who used to sing in a metal band Xenoterra. However, today she is a stylist with her own studio Hot Head Dreads. The celebrity’s father, whose name is unfortunately unknown, is an R&B performer. Also, the artist has a sister Poiema.

As for the singer’s education, she attended Monrovia High School that she finished at 16.

In 2018 Zhavia made a decision to take part in The Four: Battle for Stardom that turned out to be very successful for her, as she won second place. This gave her an opportunity to sign a contract with OC Hit Factory and introduce the first EP titled 17. In 2019 she began her first tour and that same year also performed a cover of A Whole New World.

Nowadays, the celebrity lives in Los Angeles and does her best to develop her career in the music industry. According to many reliable sources, Zhavia is the next big thing in America and not only.

Yet, this is no all we would like to share about such a talented artist. Here are top 5 little-known things about her life you didn’t know about:

  • She is good at playing the piano and guitar.
  • She has many tattoos on her body as well as piercing.
  • Her main dream is to buy a big house for her mother, she has always been by her side, supporting and motivating her stellar daughter.
  • She is very active on Instagram and can boast of over 3 million followers.
  • She is a beauty fanatic, as she likes doing her own makeup for all photo shoots.

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