In relationship
3 years
8 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating July 2014 March 2018 3 years 8 months
Real name
Brooklyn Joseph Beckham
Chloë Grace Moretz
Date of birth
March 4, 1999
February 10, 1997
21 years old
23 years old
Model, photographer
12 Girlfriends
6 Boyfriends

A look at a union

The speculations of a movie star Chloë Moretz dating a budding photographer Brooklyn Beckham started appearing in 2014. According to some insiders they got to know each other in May 2014 during the Paris Fashion Week. Yet, as for the People magazine, the two got romantically involved when they began going to SoulCycle together which was one month later. After that the two celebrities were seen at several places, skateboarding as well as having a nice time at one of the music festivals.

The third person

Due to the fact that neither of the parties confirmed their status, it wasn’t surprising to see Brooklyn with a model Sonia Ammar in 2015. However, in January 2016 they got back together and were even spotted eating out in London.


In May 2016 the film performer confirmed dating Brooklyn and later that month they made their first public appearance at the red carpet. The pair was seen all the time in each other’s company and looked like they were simply inseparable until things took a dramatic turn.

Calling it quits

In September 2016 insiders began saying the pair is no longer together after a fight at a Coldplay concert. However, in March 2017 the two celebrities rekindled and posted cozy pictures on Instagram. The next month everything changed, as Brooklyn was seen with a Playboy model named Lexi Wood. So, it looks like the two lovebirds really broke up and moved on with other partners. Many insiders always claimed that it was always an on and off relationship, so their split was something logical, since no one thought it would last long.

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