years old
  • What is Demi Lovato relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Demi Lovato boyfriends list

Max Ehrich
Max Ehrich
age 29
Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas
age 30

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
10 Max Ehrich Ex March 2020 September 2020 6 months
9 Austin Wilson Short affair November 2019 December 2019 1 month
8 Mike Johnson Short affair September 2019 October 2019 1 month
7 Henry Levy Ex November 2018 March 2019 4 months
6 Guilherme Vasconcelos Ex January 2017 July 2017 6 months
5 Luke Rockhold Ex August 2016 January 2017 5 months
4 Wilmer Valderrama Ex August 2010 June 2016 5 years 10 months
3 Joe Jonas Ex 2009 2010 1 year
2 Trace Cyrus Short affair 2009 2009 0 months
1 Cody Linley Short affair 2008 2008 0 months


A versatile celebrity Demi Lovato is known to millions of people across the globe as an actress, a songwriter and a singer.

She was born in Dallas and inherited music talent from her mom, who was a country singer. From early years, a young starlet knew she wanted to perform on a stage and that’s why she began pursuing a singing career as a kid. At 7 she was already playing the piano professionally and then got on a big screen, having featured in Barney & Friends alongside Miley Cyrus.

In 2008 she started performing at different jazz clubs, which helped her to prepare for the first debut album Burnin’ Up. That same year Lovato appeared in a movie called Camp Rock and even wrote a soundtrack for it. Hard work and striving for success let the artist reach all set goals.

Today she can boast of 6 studio albums, tours around the world and several main roles in films.

It would be interesting to know that with all the success she has today, she is happy to give back. The famous singer is a supporter of such charity foundations as City of Hope, A Day Made Better and ALS Association.

And now we will gladly share top 5 amazing facts about the star every fan should know:

  • Being a gifted songwriter, she wrote over 100 songs.
  • As a hobby she loves volleyball and surfing.
  • Because of bullying at school, Demi Lovato was homeschooled.
  • She has a few tattoos on her body. On her left wrist you can see Stay and on the right wrist Strong. Also, she has a tattoo saying You Make Me Beautiful.
  • The singer keeps a healthy way of life and has been a vegetarian for about a year.

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