In relationship
5 years
10 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Dating August 2010 June 2016 5 years 10 months
Real name
Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama
Demetria Devonne Lovato
Date of birth
January 30, 1980
August 20, 1992
40 years old
28 years old
Singer, actress
10 Girlfriends
10 Boyfriends

Beginning of a unit

Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato got acquainted in winter of 2010 during the shooting of a PSA for Voto Latino organization. In her documentary the singer mentioned that when they first met, she was 17 and for her it was love at first sight. Wilmer was 30 and so, he preferred to wait until she turned 18. And so, a year later they began seeing each other and fell in love within a blink of an eye.

6 years together

The couple had been together for six years, enjoying each and every single day. However, to the surprise of millions of fans, they announced their split on social media in June 2016. According to the artist, it was an extremely difficult decision for both of them. Also, she confessed that they started feeling more like friends rather than lovers. She added that the actor was the best man in her life and she was afraid to not meet anyone like him. But things had to finish as they couldn’t move on like that. Even though they called it quits, they remained supportive of each other.

What’s the relationship between exes now?

The power couple that lasted six years is still on good terms with each other. In 2018 when Lovato was hospitalized for a drug overdose, her ex-boyfriend visited her, meaning that they still care for each other. From her side, the singer said she was very happy for her ex when he announced his engagement to a model and a divemaster Amanda Pacheco in January of 2020. It is obvious that despite the split they still want the best for each other.

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