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  • Who is Garrett Hedlund dating now? Emma Roberts
  • What is Garrett Hedlund relationship status? Dating
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Garrett Hedlund girlfriends list

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
age 29

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
6 Emma Roberts Dating March 2019 - 2 years 2 months
5 Kirsten Dunst Ex October 2011 April 2016 4 years 6 months
4 Leighton Meester Short affair June 2011 September 2011 3 months
3 Rashida Jones Short affair January 2011 January 2011 0 months
2 Beau Garrett Short affair 2010 2010 0 months
1 Lindsay Lohan Short affair 2007 2007 0 months


A gifted and handsome actor Garrett Hedlund drew his first breath in Minnesota to his parents Robert and Kristine. Also, the family includes two older siblings named Amanda and Nathaniel. When a future star turned 14, he moved with the family to Scottsdale Arizona. There, he got passionate about acting and that’s why he started visiting acting classes. In addition to that he also loved playing football and used to take part in all school competitions.

Due to his height and exceptional appearance, Garrett was offered to try his hand in modeling and that’s what he did. In senior classes he could already be seen on the covers of various teen magazines. Even though the modeling career was developing rapidly, Hedlund decided to pursue an acting job and moved to LA for bigger possibilities.

Within a year of staying in Los Angeles, he debuted in a movie called Troy. In 2004 he was invited to appear in Four Brothers and Friday Night Lights. Yet, what really helped him rise to stardom is his role in a film Tron: The Legacy of 2010. Four years later, he starred in Unbroken and one more year later in Pan.

In total, the film performer appeared in over a dozen successful TV projects. Also, he doesn’t forget about modeling. For instance, he collaborates with a perfume house YvesSaintLaurent and is the face of La Nuit De l’Homme.

Here are top 5 little-known facts we would like to share about the celebrity’s life:

  • His net worth is about 8 million dollars.
  • He doesn’t like social media and is not good at it.
  • He has a vocal talent and even recorded several singles.
  • He modeled for Teen magazine and L.L.Bean.
  • He sang in a church choir and enjoys singing in karaoke.

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